The miniature poodle is a small dog, incredibly popular all over the world. Her bright appearance is familiar to every child. A distinctive feature is a thick "fur coat", which gives unlimited opportunities to change the image of the baby poodle. You can change his haircuts, hairstyles, styling with the frequency that you want.
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Breed: miniature White poodle
Date Of Birth: 05 January 2020
Parents: both Champions ! Dad imports America, super blood, all the medical tests.
Puppies: two girls
Prices: 100 thousand rubles
The documents RKF, veterinary passport of the international.
Vaccinations: all vaccinations are done, you can walk safely!
Characteristic: they are used to all hygienic procedures: washing, cutting, drying with a hair dryer! Grown in a country house!
Assistance in haircuts, exhibitions.
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